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Magpie Tarot's 30 Days - The 8 Keys

What do I dream of, with waiting pockets and a day filled with possibility - what dare I dream will fill it? ~Magpie Tarot I'm trying something a little different, because we don't all strive or struggle towards the same things. Even within our own lives, goals and wants ebb and flow in importance and need as time goes on. Even if dreams haven't changed, we may need a bit of direction to get where we'd like to find ourselves. Feel free to jump in on the last 8 days of the challenge even if you haven’t been taking part - we could all use a little gentle guidance as the year winds down. Please keep in mind that the goal is never Perfection but simply seeking to live more firmly in the light of our brighter selves. We can be better without being 'Best', improve and evolve without seeking flawlessness. Today we create a list of 8 Keys - 8 areas you strive to be More Than, or Less Than. What do you wish to bring more of into your life? What do you hope to diminish? The goal is to call out the traits we wish to cultivate or discourage, setting ourselves clearly and decidedly in a direction of our own choosing towards a future we've taken a full hand in creating. Here are some potential areas to think about, but you're encouraged to give honest thought to your own list of 8 Keys to a future You. Dare to dream of who you could be. You might seek to work on: Patience, Wisdom, Serenity, Well-Being, Knowledge, Flowing, Abundance, Creativity, Community, Joy, Contentment, Positivity, Mindful, Gratitude, being involved in something beyond yourself, your relationship with money, your relationship with relationships, your ability to deal with stressors... You get the idea :) The gallery above includes a variety of spreads I created to be universal enough to be used with any of your chosen goals. Look through them and decide which to use with each key. Feel free to use the same few or even stick with one if you feel it fits the bill. One per day for the next 8 days, name your goal and pick a spread, gifting yourself a toolkit for growth and transformation. #MagpieTarots30Days

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