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Day 9 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 9 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 9 of #MagpieTarots30Days What we present outwardly to the world is sometimes at odds with what’s happening internally. But more often - likely more often than we realize - what the world sees is actually an honest, direct reflection of our internal self. We might be surprised to discover from just how deep a certain reaction has climbed to the surface to show up in odd and unexpected ways. We might find ourselves feeling angrier than we know we should be or feel threatened and not really know why. We’re each a mass of a million thoughts and experiences and it’s difficult to contain such depth of identity behind skin and muscle and bone. Peeling back our outer layers reveals the vast inner-workings and drive behind every action, reaction and response we release to the world. Searching within gives context to the behaviors that bubble up and out. On Day 9 we look beneath the surface and begin to discover why we do the things we do. Just like on Day 7 your questions are your own and for Cards 1 - 4 I leave it to you to decide where to seek deeper insight. Choose 4 questions you’d like to ask yourself (Feel free to add your own!) Some Ideas: Why Do I/Did I do that? Where Did That Come From? Why Does it bother me when ____? Why Do I Worry/Get Angry/Frustrated Why Do I/Did I overreact? Lash Out? Why am I jealous? Why do I feel threatened? Why do I hesitate? Why do I _____? Where does my fear come from? Where does my ____ come from? Why do I feel hurt? Once you’ve decided on your 4 questions, shuffle and lay out your cards. This spread is actually read as 4 mini spreads: Cards 1 - 4 reflect the overall energy of each question - the essence of the issue and how it’s showing up outwardly. The 2 cards directly below offer additional insights and advice - what’s going on within. Question/Card 1 is read with Cards 5 & 6 Question/Card 2 is read with Cards 6 & 7 Question/Card 3 is read with Cards 7 & 8 Question/Card 4 is read with Cards 8 & 9 Look inward for what exists outward

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