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Day 8 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 8 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 8 of #MagpieTarots30Days When we are in touch with some of our ‘better’ traits - inner strength, fortitude, confidence - it opens a gateway to one of the biggest Virtues of all - compassion. The depth of our character acts as an anchor, securely allowing us to reach out to others and put ourselves in their shoes without losing ourselves. Without feeling we’ll somehow become less by giving. If anything, we become more. Day 8 examines some of the places where our Best Self lives. Card 1 is your Inner Strength. How one foot always finds its way in front of the other. Cards 2 & 6 are read together and represent the culmination of your Compassion. Consideration. Awareness and humanity live here. Card 3 reflects your sense of Grace and Forgiveness. Card 4 is your Honesty and Integrity. Card 5 reflects Gentle Control and Patience. Card 7 is your Generosity. Of the material, of your time, attention and opinions. Tolerance also falls here; generosity of respect. Card 8 is about Balance. Where Confidence and Gentleness exist in the same breath. Some of these areas may need a nudge in a more beneficial direction. Remember to be gentle with yourself as you read your cards; finding that there is room for growth only means that we seek for our hearts to be full.

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