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Day 2 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Day 2 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 2 of #MagpieTarots30Days Past life experiences and emotions can persist, showing up in the life we’re living now in so many ways. From fears and addictions to the people we feel drawn to and the passions that give our days meaning, a previous life can color how we see money, relationships and even our place in the world. Inexplicable connections might be surprisingly easy to explain after all. Day 2’s prompt is intended to touch on the energies that we’ve carried forward. It’s a theme we could spend the whole month on (or more!) but we’ll dip our toes with a 2 card spread. Who were you and How does that show up now? Card 1 can be any aspect of a previous life that most affects this one, from profession to personality to philosophy. Let the images and symbols in the card trigger memories, feelings or stories that offer insight into who you were. Card 2 points to where those traits affect us still, the good and the challenging. We’re not looking for excuses - we seek understanding. When we look to our past - our very far past, beyond even our own birth - we look to who we were seeking insight into who we are. And while on the surface this may feel like excuse hunting, it can be a very valuable tool for growth, looking at the Why to understand how to develop or diminish certain traits.

Will fears - phobias - be lessened if we know they have their root in an event and aren’t just a random collection of jumbled nerves and unexplained, gut-churning anxieties?  Maybe. Maybe that small sense of validation that we’re not weird or broken or ‘crazy’ is where the value lies, giving reason to the seeming irrational. 

Coming to know the source of these traits creates the potential for deeper understanding, change and growth. A poverty mentality, difficulty with relationships, addictions and inclinations - we may be dealing with things that started long before this lifetime, and it’s in the knowledge that we can begin to make sense of it and heal it. 

And remember that not all traits that come forward are ‘bad’ - our love of music, our desire to help others, our ability to lead, a connection to animals or the earth can all be based in past life experiences that continue to shape who we are. Life callings are often Soul Callings and have followed us through lifetimes. Coming to realize the extent of these ancient roots can add a profound sense of depth and fulfillment.

Who we were affects who we are; what traits would you alter if you knew they were remnants of the past, releasing their hold with gratitude for the lesson? Which are you grateful for? 

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