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Day 17 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 17 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

And today we dream. We've cleared the way for brighter things. We've named our demons and faced our darkness. We've walked a path that's taken us through the flames and come out cleansed instead of reduced. Even small steps - even 1, single acknowledgement of positive change - has the power to begin healing. We walk this earth over the years, accumulating the ingredients that will allow us to expand and grow. We all have talents and skills, experiences and inspirations that we can claim with a sense of self-worth we all deserve. Everyone has some personal 'good thing’ that brings with it satisfaction, empowerment and if we allow it - betterment. We owe it to ourselves to discover and embrace what breathes life into our souls; aspiring to a reality bathed in our own light. Card 1: Where do I feel cleansed, renewed, healed? Card 2: What talents are mine? Talents are born within and may be hidden for now, but there are often clues as to where they lie; take the time to uncover them. Card 3: What inspires me? Remember that Inspire means to be In Spirit; these are natural callings that stir the soul. Card 4: What are my Hopes, Dreams & Goals? Card 5: What resources are ready to be claimed? These are yours; fully earned and at your disposal. Card 6: What Skills are mine? These have been nurtured by use and exposure. Card 7: What is my motivation? This urges me onward. Card 8: Where is my renewed power focused?

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