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Day 16 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 16 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Our lives are a series of events (not necessarily unfortunate!), interactions & reactions. And this collected slew of seeming unconnected input is what establishes our set point; our baseline 'bag of tricks' as far as how we experience and move through the world. The question is, are we happy with what's been built? Have we constructed something that serves us well, or unknowingly made something that will chip and crumble and cause us to fall as time goes on. Yesterday we looked our darker faces right in the eye, and on Day 16 we look for chinks in our figurative foundation. The small, hairline cracks that might go unnoticed and yet threaten to expand and extend and destabilize unless shored up. Because we all tend to become 'more us' as we go - good traits and bad - as our set point becomes more firmly ingrained. The key is to be sure that what's taking root is authentic, sound and in support of our greatest self. Cards 1 & 2: Hidden flaws in the foundation & How to correct Cards 3 & 4: The Misaligned & How to Adjust Cards 5 & 6: The Unexpected & How to Prepare Card 7: A Key Truth. This is something to be faced/acknowledged/released in order to walk freely forward on solid ground.

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