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Day 15 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 15 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

5 mini spreads to unlock what keeps us down. It's a difficult truth, but we all have areas where we wish we were more. Or less. Where an ideal exists in our heads and somehow loses it's way as it travels from our inner to our outer world. I don't like to consider them 'negative' traits because they present an opportunity for learning and growth, but finding the way to the lesson - and liberation - can be difficult. And that first step in a better direction may prove the most harsh; recognizing and acknowledging that a course correct may even be needed. On Day 15 we name our more challenging behaviors & mindsets, calling them into the light to be addressed and – with love, intention and work – set ourselves free. And please know – our intention is not to seek perfection (because where's the fun in that?) but freedom from qualities and traits that hold us back, wear us down and dim our brilliance. 5 Columns of 3. Each column is a pillar - an area of challenge to examine and explore. Name your 5 pillars; areas where you recognize that control is in the grip of a force not your own. Call them out to take them down. Some thoughts might be: Fear Domination Unassertiveness Materialism Restriction Insecurity Ego or Pride Unhealthy Connections Powerlessness Temptation Doubt Self-Destruction The 3 cards in each Column/Pillar represent: Source. Where does it come from? Liberate. How to set yourself free? Lesson. What good can come from this lesson? We're halfway through the month – I'd love to hear how it's going!

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