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Day 14 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 14 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

There is a place within each of us where all the contrasting parts come together; where ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ meets head on to create something new. A space where all aspects of ourselves swirl and mix and blend together, not one thing in control because all are equally present. This is a point of calm untouched by the surge and swell of our conflicting facets; like a body of water connected to a thousand flowing rivulets but undistributed by their course or current. This can be a place we seek in meditation, going within versus stretching outward. And we can seek to find that place in our waking lives. While this might look like a large spread, it's read as 7 2-card pairs. Take them one by one, observing how they differ, how they are alike and how can they work together. What do they create when blended? The Pairs: 1 & 8: Realm of Earth: Practical, Grounding, Stable 2 & 9: Realm of Water: Emotions, Intuition, Objectivity 3 & 10: Realm of Fire: Passions, Instincts, Social 4 & 11: Realm of Air: Thought, Logic, Communication 5 & 12: Realm of Spirit: Soul Wisdom 6 & 13: My Dark 7 & 14: My Light Consider using a 2nd deck for the 2nd row for added insight. And a reminder as always to be gentle; we’re seeking a place where our innermost self exists in harmony.

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