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Day 13 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 13 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

We’ve paused and thought. We’ve examined how we do things and did a little digging into why. We’ve determined where adjustments are needed for change and what needs to be sacrificed for our own growth. And now we find ourselves at a point of transformation. Where we break through the wall of our own What Is, with the determination of wanting to get to the other side and experience What Can Be. Like lifting a curtain, we dip beneath and see the path that leads to an evolved version of ourselves. As we face what holds us back, the veil that separates us from our potential best self becomes thinner and more easily broken through. Card 1 is a personal strength; you carry this like a banner flying, declaring who you are. Cards 2, 3 and 4 are areas to face and move through: Card 2 is a pattern to release Card 3 is an idea to leave behind Card 4 is a mindset to overcome Today we examine what no longer serves; discarding, clearing and lightening as we march towards evolution.

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