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Day 12 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 12 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 12 is a continuation of our search for truth in our experiences. Where yesterday we honed in on our efforts and where they lead, today we explore our perspectives and potential need to pause and evaluate before going forward. We often commit to an opinion, way of doing things or ‘plan of attack’, and once committed it can be very difficult to change course. We may need convincing that our way isn’t the best way. Our thoughts and ideas may need a small adjustment or even just a little more honest thought to allow clarity and a deeper understanding of purpose. There is often an amount of letting go needed, whether it be of control, attachment to an outcome, opinion or idea. This becomes surrender for your own greater good and growth. Card 1 is a place to pause. This represents a situation or way of thinking that you may need to re-evaluate. (Your findings from Days 10 and 11 might help here.) Where are you stuck, lost, frustrated or confused, or even just in need of a change or more clear vision of the path forward. Card 2 offers another way of looking at this. A new perspective or alternate way of thinking. You might see a new approach or come to understand another view of things. Card 3 is where you need surrender. Especially in support of the other cards, this is a difficult but necessary step for growth and progress.

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