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Day 1 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Day 1 of Magpie Tarot's 30 Days

Day 1 of #MagpieTarots30Days

We’re starting with a deceptively simple 1 card pull, a message from those who came before us, because all good stories begin long before we think, and start with an idea, a word and someone with something to share. We walk with a thousand thousand having come before us; we are the culmination of generation after generation of life, love, pain, hope, regret, worry and joy. Lessons learned and opportunities missed. All that knowledge and experience swirling in the ethers - wouldn’t it be wonderful to tap in; to know what they would tell us if they could? Get comfy, send your awareness back, back, back and see what messages come in. It can be soul-stirring to connect with past energies. If you’re lucky enough to have mementos from your own past, spend time with them. Sit with your Grandad’s watch in your hands or hold the piece of lace from your Great Aunt’s wedding dress. Jewelry, clothing, eyeglasses  - can you feel the lingering energy? Can you sense the hand that held it before you? Pulling a watch from a pocket, sliding a ring onto a finger. 

Look over old photos and really see the people in them. Give your full attention to the stories told by relatives about the people who have come and gone and try to imagine them living their lives, just as we do. Your Grandmother as a young wife, a long past Uncle as a schoolboy. These were all real people with likes and loves and favorite things and dreams, disconnected from us by time but not so different from those who walk today.  There is so much to see by connecting with the past.

And while not everyone has a strong connection to their own history - some don’t even know who their families are - that’s OK. Most of us don’t know much beyond a generation or two and all of our histories go back so much further. Mind-bogglingly further. And even without knowing names or faces or stories, these people are our people, all the way back to the beginning. Reach back and see if you can find a connection. 

It’s been said to walk as though we have 10,000 ancestors behind us. True story.

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